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Cricingif, A New Kind of Play by Play Cricket Highlights

As you might know, I recently left my first company, Savaree. I’ve been working as an associate product manager at, Pakistan’s largest used car classifieds. It’s only been a couple of months but I’ve switched yet again (bad move?) to Cricingif; the opportunity is too exciting to pass up. Here’s why:

Based on my post on leaving on leaving Savaree, my co-founder reached out to me with an idea that will revolutionize the world of cricket highlights. Consider the following example: You’re following a cricket match, which will be at least 4 hours long and up to 5 days long. Things are going along at a slow pace with dot ball after dot ball.

You get up to go to the kitchen to grab a drink, and by the time you come back Shahid Afridi has struck three sixes in a row and the game has turned on its head. With every mention by the commentators of how the maximums have already gone down in history, you rue your misfortune.

Now, you are at the mercy of the TV programmer’s whims on when they show the replay, if at all. Or, you can wait for a couple of days for a pirated copy of the match highlights to show up on YouTube. That too something you would have to seek through to find the exact moment you were searching for.

What if there were a platform that allowed you to find and watch those moments of a cricket match that matter to you the most? Enter Cricingif, something we’ve hacked together to bring to you a clip for every ball of a cricket match. What’s more, we upload these clips in real-time. We like to call this live highlights.

Cricingif provides a live feed of play by play cricket highlights as they happen.
Cricingif provides a live feed of play by play cricket highlights as they happen.

We’ve added some filters so that you can select what you want to watch e.g. highlights, boundaries only, all balls bowled by Mohammad Amir, or all balls played by Virat Kohli, etc. In effect, you get a live feed of the most important moments of a match. In our experience, on average, an entire T20 match can be condensed into 40 minutes.

An entire T20 match can be condensed into 40 minutes.

Cut out all the standing around and that’s what a cricket match is. If you prefer watching only deliveries that have an impact on the game, all scoring balls can be condensed down to about 15 minutes.

And that’s where the real value is. Our next step is to see if we can make the user experience more seamless, along with a couple of creative growth hacks we have planned.

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